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Protocol Health Care Services works tirelessly to support people with Learning Disability and Autism. A majority of people with learning disability and autism live, in most cases, with anxiety. It is our aim to work creatively and professionally with people who use our services to reduce, in a significant way, their daily anxieties. We aim work in a person centred way to enable people with Learning Disability and Autism to exceed their potential. It is our promise to provide the best support possible for you to enjoy greater independence and become active citizens of the local community. 


Protocol Health Care Services aims to provide care and support in a friendly and anxiety-reduction environment where people with autism and learning disability can self-actualise, become active in their local community, gain increased independence and improve their quality of life. Overall, Protocol Health Care Services will deliver extraordinary care based on equality, respect and dignity that will go beyond the expectation of our stakeholders.

1. We will work in a person centred way to promote the dignity of service users through social inclusion, community integration, education and employment.
2. We will work in partnership with service users to plan personalised care and support that addresses service user's needs in an open, trustful and respectful manner.
3. To work with service user and their families and access disability related therapies and treatment through GPs, Health Professionals, Clinical and Multidisciplinary Teams.
4. Employ trained and qualified staff to work with service users and continue to develop staff knowledge and skills through professional development programs that will help our staff to meet continually the needs of service users.

5. To measure and improve outcomes and never give up on any service user.

6. Our high-quality, personalised support will give service users the best experience and quality of life that goes beyond their expectations. 



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Our staff are given manadatory training and are assessed regularly throughout the year to aid them do their job professionally

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