Protocol Recruitment Services works hard on behalf of teachers to find them the most suitable role, from a wide range of education and teaching jobs in London and across the UK in schools, academies and nurseries. We work to find you:

1.Long-term or permanent contracts for those teachers who want to settle and gain experience in a school they love

2.Flexible day-to-day supply which gives you the opportunity to discover the right type of environment

3.Great pay, guaranteed work, free training, resources, and loyalty bonuses Placement and Roles Protocol Recruitment Services places teachers in several schools in Hertfordshire. The placements can be of short duration or long term that will lead to permanent contracts if you like the school and aim to teach there for long. You can also choose to cover only our flexible day-to-day supply which gives you the opportunity to discover the right type of environment.


We cover a wide range of schools, roles and specialisms:

Primary Schools, Secondary Schools & Academies

Further Education Teachers, Lecturers and Technicians

Not Qualified Teahers & Fully Qualified Teachers

Nursery Nurses/Early Years/EYPS

Subject Specialists

SEN, Inclusion Specialists, Learning Mentors, 121 Tutors

Support: Teaching Assistants, Classroom Assistants

Cover Supervisors, Instructors, Exam invigilators

Senior/Business Managers, Head and Assistant Head Teachers, Department Heads

Schools Admin and Accounts

Extended Day Provision Cover

Technical Staff (network, media and audio visual)

Types of work

Permanent Work: Often Headteachers will contact us to find permanent members of staff for them.Alternatively teachers working on a long-term basis covering a permanent vacancy may be offered a permanent contract by the school.Daily Supply: This is the most flexible option covering absence.

Daily supply will give you the opportunity to work in a variety of locations which will enable you to find a school that suits your personality, teaching style and specialism, before committing to a more long-term appointment.

Short-Term Supply: Short-term work can run to up to half a term and allows you to gain greater insight into the roles and responsibilities of permanent staff members. Short-term workers need to take on a greater degree of responsibility for planning than a daily worker, and working in this way is an excellent route for less experienced teachers and support workers who want to get a taste of school life.

Long-Term Supply: Working in a post for half a term or longer, long-term supply allows you to take the full responsibilities of a permanent member of staff. Long-term teachers are required to make a  greater contribution to curriculum planning and the life of the school as a whole.

Our aim has always been to provide the highest levels of service, managing

assignments from one-

form entry schools through to the largest primary/secondary/academies.

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