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    • Achieving your care needs together.

    • The new revolutionary way for elderly care.

    • Would you rather have your care at home?

      Is it important that you have someone in your home 24/7 to care and to be a companion for you?

      Research by renowned psychologists have shown that companionship, social and community involvement and activities for the elderly promote a far better lifestyle and wellbeing for the elderly than just attending to their personal care, feeding and support with medication. 

       Protocol Health Care and Recruitment Services offer Live-In care packages that include:

      Enablement: Helping and supporting you to gain confidence in yourself and abilities to lead you to independence or some form of independence where you can do some things for yourself. This will motivate you to do more activities that will make your life more enjoyable.

      Support: Assisting you with your daily personal care where you are unable to reach some parts of your body during bathing and washing or where you need the confidence to do your own personal care.

      Care: Our care staff have long years of experience in caring for the elderly and have the compassion, patience and understand your needs to give you the best experience in the care you receive.

      Keeping your home clean and tidy: Our staff will make the cleaning of your home a fun job where, depending on your abilities, you will have the choice to join in to do the job

      Laundry: Clothes, as image accessories are important and supply of fresh clothes everyday has become the lifestyle choice of many people in care. Part of our live-in carer job will be:

      Cooking: If you enjoy regular home cooked food, our staff will always be there and help you with your cooking.

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  • In a nutshell, our live-in care staff will assist you in the following areas:-

    ·       Paying bills 

    ·       Food provisons and clothes shopping

    ·       Help to preare your meals

    ·         Housekeeping, tidying up and keeping your house clean

    ·         Feed to care for you pets if you have pets

    ·         Assist you with your correspondence and help you answer your correspondence, including filling forms and application

    ·         Arrange transportation for GP and other health appointments

    ·         Planning and keeping appointments

    ·         Prompt for medication

    ·         Keep you safe, including mobility support to keep you active

    ·         Assist with personal care, dressing and getting in and out of bed routines such as getting out of bed and getting in and out of the car

    ·         Help pick out clothing

    ·         Support in activities, social contact and community interaction

    ·         Engage in meaningful conversation and reminiscence

    ·         Help with telephone calls

    ·         Be present day and night to make you feel safe.


    To help you decide on your choice of Live-in care, we have put together answers to some questions that are frequently asked by our client which we believe will be helpful to you.

    1. Will my Live-In Carer be someone I can relate to and who will understand my needs?

    At PHCRS we do our best to tally our carers to client’s needs. Our staff speak fluent English, have communication skills and interest that will match the interest of clients. Our care staff are selected through rigid interviews that include questions and scenarios on:

    • ·        Compassion,
    • ·      Empathy
    • ·      Principles and values
    • ·      The promotion of independence
    • ·      Respect and dignity for clients and being cultural sensitive
    • ·      Qualification

    Our staff will not be intruders in your home and will not impose things on you. Instead, they will become companions who will respect your independence and the choices you make, and will only advice if they feel the choices you make may be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

    2. How do I pay for my Live-in care

    We pay our carers every Friday and our contract with you will require you to pay for your live-in care in advance on Mondays. Once we agree a care package with you, you will get details of our holding account where you can pay your weekly care cost.

    3. Our contracts are very flexible and can be cancelled after two weeks as we believe two weeks should be enough time to assess the value you are getting for your money. That said, most of our first-time clients have not cancelled due to our excellent service provision.

    4. Can I Change Carers

    As standard procedure, we will ask for your feedback on the carers performance and behaviour in their first week on the job and if your feedback is unsatisfactory, the carer will be replaced. This is an ongoing process and if at any time you are displeased with the quality of your care, the carer will be replaced.

    5. Are Your Carers Qualified

    All our carers have level 3 diploma in health and social care and have ongoing mandatory and other related training as required by the National Occupational Standards. We also have qualified and trained staff for special care needs. Our core trainings include:

    Communication Skills

    Data Protection and Confidentiality

    Dementia Care

    First Aid

    Fire Safety

    Food hygiene and safety

    Health and Safety

    Mental capacity and consent

    Medication administration

    Manual Handling

    Nutrition and Hydration

    Privacy and Dignity

    Principles and values in care

    Pressure Sore Care

    Risk assessment

    Safeguarding vulnerable adults